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Winning Proposal
with A. Androutsopoulou, P. Dimopoulos and F. Tiniakos
Europe in the Ionosphere Competition
Athens, September 2014



A pavilion that transmits ideas and signals, December 2016

ArchitecTUNED Workshop Blog

Architectural Engineering Workshop: The winning proposal, September 2014


ArchitecTUNED is the winning proposal of a three-staged competition organized by NTUA for the needs of the First Pan-European Radio Amateur event “Europe on the Ionosphere”.

Aim of the competition is an eco-friendly, easily assembled mobile pavilion, to be placed in urban centers in each one of the 28 capitals of the EU. The pavilion hosts annually for a weekend radio-amateur teams from each country and allows them to exchange signals.

An instant landmark in every city’s central square that gathers and connects individuals between capitals of the EU. The design aims to create an object/furniture that provides shelter for climates from Finland to Greece.

In an intensive one-month workshop, working with professors from the Departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering the pavilion is designed in detail 1:1. The implementation of the project is pending.

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